The Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE) is glad to announce the IAERE10 TOUR, a period of scientific and outreach initiatives to contribute to the development, application and dissemination of research and policy on environmental and resource economics.
The IAERE10 TOUR is a series of online webinars, web-streamed, hybrid or in person seminars, round-tables in environmental and resource economics and other similar initiatives, to promote research and knowledge creation and diffusion among environmental economics scholars, in the hope of ENRICHING OUR COMMUNITY WITH NEW PEOPLE AND NEW IDEAS!
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IAERE10 Tour Events

PlaceDateBasic Info
University of Cagliari21-23 April Tenth IAERE Annual Conference.
10th Anniversary Celebration and Tour Announcement
University of Turin20 OctoberItalian Economic Society Conference.
IAERE Organized session.
Launch of the IAERE10 Tour
Kore University Enna27 October (11:30)Webinar (Online)
Various speakers
Stimulating waste prevention and recycling behavior through nudges. A framework and a research agenda. Link
University of Siena2 November (12:00)Seminar (Hybrid)
Matteo Mazzarano (University of Siena)
Optimists and Pessimists in Climate Policies. Link
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 3 November (12:00)Webinar (Online)
Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)
Understanding the resistance to carbon taxes. Link
University of Palermo9 November (13:00)Seminar (Hybrid)
Sabrina Auci (University of Palermo)
The Adoption Determinants of Climate-Smart Production Practices and their Impacts on Farm Outcome in Uganda. Link
University of Urbino Carlo Bo9 November (12:30)LAST MINUTE CHANGE: ONLINE ONLY Workshop
Various speakers
Economics of climate-related extreme events. Registration may be required. Link
University of Ferrara and SEEDS10 and 11 November Workshop (Hybrid)
Various speakers
More than 20 Years of Eco-Innovation Research: lessons learnt and new directions. Registration may be required. Link
FEEM11 November (10:30)Workshop (Hybrid)
Various speakers
Da Globale a Locale: L’Agenda 2030 al centro.
Per partecipare in presenza: Link
Per partecipare on-line: Link
University of Innsbruck Department of Economics 15 November (12:00) Workshop (Hybrid)
Various speakers
Corporate Taxation and Carbon Emissions. The Economics of Label Credence Goods: Theory and Experiment. Link
University of Parma16 November (12:30)Seminar (Hybrid)
Massimiliano Mazzanti (University of Ferrara and SEEDS)
Modeling Green Knowledge Production and Environmental Policies with Semiparametric Panel Data Regression models. Link
Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), L’Aquila16 November (14:30)Seminar (Hybrid)
Alessio D’Amato (Tor Vergata University of Rome)
The Hidden Social Cost of Climate Change: Evidence on Climate Shocks and Child Mobility in Uganda. Link
University of Siena21 November (12:00) Seminar (Hybrid)
Xavier Labandeira (University of Vigo)
Climate ambition vs. climate policies: An assessment of COP27 and the Spanish White Book on Tax Reform Link
University of Brescia22 November (14:15) Roundtable (Hybrid)
Various speakers
Peace, resources and the environment. Link
University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia22 November (14:15)Seminar (Hybrid)
Massimiliano Mazzanti (University of Ferrara and SEEDS)
Beyond individualistic behaviour: Social norms and innovation adoption in rural Mozambique. Link
Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome23 November (11:00)Seminar (in person plus streaming)
Antonio Lopolito (University of Foggia)
Rethinking interactions: mitigating health and economic consequences during COVID-19 by managing social distances. Link
University of Padua25 November (9:00) Workshop (Hybrid)
Various speakers
1st Padova Workshop on Environmental and Resource Economics. Link
University of Naples Parthenope28 November (14:30) Seminar (Hybrid)
Gianluigi Cisco (University of Naples Parthenope)
Climate change in macroeconomic models. Link
Catholic University of Milan and University of Milan – Bicocca29 November (13:00)Webinar (Online)
Raul Caruso (Catholic University of Milan)
Is sustainability unfeasible in a world of conflicts?. Link
University of Bologna30 November (10:00) In Person
Various Speakers
Companies Meet Students. Link
Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (CMCC), Venice30 November (11:00) Seminar (Hybrid)
Marina Treskova (University of Heidelberg)
Exploring win-win Nature-based Solutions to tackle pressing global health challenges: climate change and pandemics. Link
University of Perugia2 December (11:00) Webinar (Online)
Carlo Andrea Bollino (University of Perugia)
Water Energy Food Nexus: Analysis of Convergence Worldwide. Link
Tor Vergata University of Rome and Roma Tre University5 December (10:00)Closing event
Online webinar
Various Speakers
Energy Self-Sufficiency energy efficiency and climate policy for a ‘just’ low carbon transition. Link
Stay tuned for further updates and/or additional events.