IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award 2022

The 2022 IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award was awarded ex-equo to:

Lea CrepinLea Crepin
Paris-Saclay University (Paris-Saclay Applied Economics) and Climate Economics Chair (France)

Paper: Do forest conservation policies undermine the soybean sector in the Brazilian Amazon? Evidence from the blacklisting of municipalities


Motivation: the paper is a valuable contribution to the literature on forest conservation policy in the long term. Lea focuses rigorously on the trade-offs between agricultural production, development and forest conservation.


Maurizio Malpede


Maurizio Malpede
University of Verona (Italy)
Paper: The Dark Side of Batteries: Child Labor and Cobalt Mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Motivation: The paper provides insightful evidence on the impact of lithium-ion batteries in cobalt-rich regions of the DRC. Maurizio focuses on children living close to cobalt deposits, performing a robust analysis using individual education data.


The Award was announced at the Tenth IAERE Annual Conference hosted by the University of Cagliari, on April 21-23, 2022.