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IAERE Newsletter
IAERE Newsletter - 1st issue!
We are glad to present the IAERE Newsletter.
It is meant as a tool for sharing information regarding events, research outputs, career and training opportunities in Italy and beyond.
Each Newsletter issue includes institutional news and collects all the new contents published in the IAERE website after the release of the previous Newsletter issue.
We encourage submissions of contributions to be posted in the IAERE website by writing at iaere@iaere.org.
IAERE Second Annual Conference

IAERE 2nd Annual Conference
Simone Borghesi and Alessio D'Amato
The Second Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE, University of Milan, Italy, 13-14 February 2014) has proved as a very successful and lively venue for the Italian academics and researchers specialized in Environmental and Resource Economics.
The birth of the Association, together with the first annual conference, held last year in Ferrara, responded to the widely perceived need to fill in an "institutional gap", which appeared in sharp contrast with the well renowned research and organizational efforts of Italian environmental economists all over the world.

This year's conference has been an additional important step in IAERE's growth process, as confirmed by the conference success in terms of numbers and of quality of papers.
The lively attitude of IAERE can be inferred from the attempts to mix up with other Italian and foreign research associations (whether environmentally focused or not), the joint session with SIE (the Italian Economic Association) and the goal to start cooperating with other national Associations in the field being informative signals in this respect.
The high quality and dynamic young component of IAERE is itself a source of hope for the future of Environmental and Resource Economics in Italy. So...see you next year in Padua!

IAERE Third Annual Conference - SAVE THE DATE!
The Third IAERE Annual Conference will be organised by the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padua on 20-21 February 2015.
IAERE meeting at the 5th WCERE/2014, Istanbul
IAERE is organising an informal meeting on 30 June 2014 from 12.30 to 14.30, in occasion of the 5th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, to be held in Istanbul.
The meeting aims at sharing ideas on what IAERE can offer to its membership and collecting imputs from members and non-members. Further information will follow.
9-13 June 2014 Milan, Italy
Summer School in Applied Microeconometrics
12 June 2014 Ferrara, Italy
Workshop on Trade and Innovation
18-20 June 2014 Turin-Moncalieri, Italy
3rd edition of the international conference Governance of a Complex World 2014, “Smart, inclusive and sustainable growth: lessons and challenges ahead”
18-20 June 2014 Manchester, UK
EU-SPRI Conference - Special Session "Skills, Innovation and Employment: evidence and policy"
23-24 June 2014 Ferrara, Italy
Managing waste as a resource: economic and policy perspectives in international domains
27-30 July 2014 Jena, Germany
15th ISS Conference
31 August - 6 September 2014 Belpasso, Italy
2014 Belpasso International Summer School on Environmental and Resource Economics “Spatial context and valuing natural capital for conservation planning”
15-17 September 2014 Ferrara, Italy
Congress of the Italian Ecological Society: "l’Ecologia oggi – Responsabilità e Governance"
21-23 September 2014 Cambridge, UK
16th Annual BIOECON Conference: "Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability"
24-26 September 2014 Copenhagen, Denmark
15th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
29-30 September 2014 Venice, Italy
2nd SISC Annual Conference: "Climate change: scenarios, impacts and policy"
23-25 October 2014 Trento, Italy
Italian Economic Association - 55th Annual Conference

Job Opoortunities
Director, Green Budget Europe (European expert platform on Environmental Fiscal Reform)
GBE Office, Bruxelles, Belgium Information
PhD Scholarship on Behavioural/Network Economics and Energy Efficiency
Politecnico di Milano, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering Information
Education and Training
PhD in Economics, Law and Institutions - section on Environmental Economics and Law
University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - Information
MaGER - Master in Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility
Bocconi University - Information
PhD in Economics and management of innovation and sustainability - EMIS
University of Ferrara - Information
PhD Programme in Science and Management of Climate Change
Ca' Foscari University of Venice - Information
Working Papers
IAERE does not maintain a working papers series. This newsletter reports papers that are voluntarily signalled by IAERE members and posted in the IAERE website.

Does the Swiss Car Market Reward Fuel Efficient Cars? Evidence from Hedonic Pricing Regressions, a Regression Discontinuity Design, and Matching
Anna Alberini, Markus Bareit and Massimo Filippini
FEEM working Papers Series - Download
Environmental Investments and firm's productivity: a closer look
Roberto Antonietti and Alberto Marzucchi
SEEDS Working Papers Series - Download
Forecasting the Oil-Gasoline Price Relationship: Should We Care About the Rockets and the Feathers?
Andrea Bastianin, Marzio Galeotti and Matteo Manera
IEFE Working Papers Series - Download
The Effect of Within-Sector, Upstream and Downstream Energy Taxes on Innovation and Productivity
Chiara Franco and Giovanni Marin
SEEDS Working Papers Series - Download

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